Physiotherapy services can be provided in a range of areas including gross motor development, sport, injury rehabilitation, orthopedic post-operative rehabilitation and training program development.  You can be confident that your issue will be diagnosed and a solution will be found for your needs.

Do I need a referral to see a Physiotherapist?

No - you do not need a referral to see a Physiotherapist although referral letters from a GP, Paediatrician or other allied health professional are helpful in providing more information to assist the therapist.

What region in South Australia do you service?

Michael Wilson Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is based in the Adelaide Hills, Heathfield.  Service is provided to the surrounding suburbs including Mount Barker and the Adelaide foothills.  Travel costs may apply. Service to other areas within South Australia can be negotiated.


Please contact us to find out if service can be provided to your area.

Where can therapy sessions be conducted?

Sessions can be arranged at your home, school, workplace, local gym or other suitable locations.  Approval will be required for some settings (eg. schools and work place).

Are you a registered NDIS provider?

Michael Wilson Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is not a registered NDIS provider. However, all self-managed and plan-managed NDIS funded clients can receive treatment sessions.

How much do sessions cost?

Fees are charged within the current NDIS hourly rate or part thereof.


Fees include:

- Assessment and Treatment sessions

- Extended travel to sessions

- Equipment prescription

- Written reports and letters, meeting attendance and phone consultations

Eligible clients can claim rebates through the NDIS, Medicare or their private health provider.

Please call to discuss any relevant costs.

Is Physiotherapy covered under Medicare?

You can receive a Medicare rebate for Physiotherapy if you qualify for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC).  Your General Practitioner will decide if you meet these criteria and will need to complete the relevant referral form.  An EPC will allow for up to 5 visits per calendar year. Please note that the rebate will not cover the fee and there will be a gap payment to be paid.