Mobile Services

Our mobile physiotherapy services can be provided in a range of areas including NDIS support, gross motor development, sport, injury rehabilitation, orthopedic post-operative rehabilitation and training program development.  You can be confident that your issue will be diagnosed and a solution will be found for your needs.


NDIS Specific Gross Motor Skill

Working with self-managed and plan managed NDIS clients and their families/carers and in collaboration with other relevant health professionals to develop and ultimately reach client-centred and family-centred goals. 


Utilising experience and expertise in complex rehabilitation, clients can be assisted with: maintaining function, improving independence and wellbeing, increasing community participation and ultimately having an improved general lifestyle. 


Sessions are conducted in the community, whether in the convenience of your own home, in school or at another suitable location. 


Therapy may include:


  • Movement and coordination sessions to assist in participation inclusion

  • Targeted and adapted strength and fitness programming to improve lifestyle

  • Exercise and stretching programs to improve physical function and mobility

  • Skill breakdown to assist in participation in leisure, school and sporting activities

  • Balance Training and Falls Prevention

  • Gait Training & Equipment Prescription

  • Hands on treatment

Gross Motor Development and Skill Training

Providing children and adolescents guidance to improve their athletic capabilities – This can be targeted at a specific sport or more general gross motor skills including running, throwing and kicking through improved balance, strength and body awareness.

Utilising the initial assessment to gain an understanding of the athletic limitations, areas for improvement and assist in goal development with the aim of tailoring an individual program.

Parents may choose individualised training for their child for multiple reasons including:

  • Gross motor skill coaching, development and progression

  • Fitness and conditioning

  • Core strength and balance

  • Sports specific skill development and co-ordination

  • Complex skill development and progression

  • Speed, agility and decision making


Sports Physiotherapy

Utilising 25 years of experience in professional sport, both as an AFL player and an AFL physiotherapist, to provide an elite level of management for acute and chronic sports injury assessment, diagnosis and, injury prevention education and training.

This knowledge and experience are also be applied to training program review and modification, aiming to minimise the time lost to the sport due to injury and optimising current sports performance. 


Sports Physiotherapy session may include but are not limited to:

  • Injury assessment and diagnosis

  • Musculoskeletal screening

  • Sport or fitness goal-specific strength and conditioning planning

  • Injury specific strength and conditioning rehabilitation planning

  • Treatment advise and education eg. Taping/dry needling

  • Injury prevention exercises and programs

  • Collaboration with Sports Physician, General Practitioner, Radiologist, Podiatrist, Masseuse or other relevant health professionals where appropriate.


Orthopaedic Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

In-home post-surgery rehabilitation tailored to the individual and in consultation with the treating specialist.

Orthopaedic conditions that can be managed may include, but are not limited to:

  • Knee surgery: Arthroscopy, Replacement, Reconstruction

  • Hip surgery: Arthroscopy, Replacement,

  • Shoulder surgery: Rotator cuff repair, Reconstruction, labral repair

  • Ankle arthroscopic surgery

  • Upper or lower limb fracture management and rehabilitation

Post-operative rehabilitation will be developed for each individual and may use a combination of the following:

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Education

  • Pain management advice

  • Falls and Balance assessment

  • Stretching, massage, wound care, dry needling

Beginning in-home, the rehabilitation program can be tailored and adapted to be completed on-going in the home, local gym, sporting club, or in the community.


Event Specific Program Planning

Individuals looking for professional guidance when targeting the next big challenge – ½ marathon or marathon running, triathlon or preparing for the rigours of an AFL season - whether complete plan development or making modifications to your current program, the aim is always to tailor programs to the individual and optimise results.

Using a combination of previous sporting experience, injury history, recent and current training load, and the all-important training goal or targeted event, we can work together to individually tailor a program to help you achieve your goal.

Options may include:

  • Event-specific training plans

  • Sport specific Injury prevention planning

  • Injury management and return to sport planning

  • Sport specific Strength and Conditioning